As a company that has hundreds of man years of experience in Microsoft development, it's no surprise that our choice of Open Source platform is based on the .NET framework.

It's hard to beat Umbraco for the ease with which our team can build a content-managed website, develop an application or create a complex, fully-integrated solution. Just like any other Open Source CMS such as the ever popular WordPress, Drupal, Joomla... Umbraco doesn't have a range of online marketing features available "out of the box" so it may not suit every customer project that comes our way, but when it does, you can rest assured that we'll make the right recommendation for you.

Not only is Umbraco a good, solid platform for us to create some wonderful solutions on, it's also fully supported by Umbraco HQ combining the best of both worlds - an Open Source, community driven platform with commercial grade support.