Marketing automation.


With the marketing teams within our client base being constantly asked to “do more with less”, it’s perhaps no surprise that automating repetitive marketing tasks is appealing. Not only does it free up time to concentrate on the many other areas that need attention, it has significant benefits as illustrated by the infographic below, courtesy of Position.

So, some pretty impressive figures but in a nutshell, what is marketing automation? Well, we like to summarise it as:

  • Software that streamlines, automates and measures marketing tasks and workflows
  • A way of improving operational efficiency to achieve  growth targets more rapidly and easily

Typically, we find that marketing automation is used:

  • For the ability to automate tasks such as sending out relevant, personal and timely emails
  • As an effective way to join sales and marketing efforts – e.g. don’t send a promotion to a customer who has just bought from you based on the last promotion
  • To dynamically react to customer behaviour and automatically update profiles so you reach customers on a “one-to-one” basis, using the channel they respond to best
  • Analyse what is or isn't working so marketers can make informed decisions on their next campaign, or how to tune existing campaigns.

Don’t think this is restricted to large corporates – in fact the fastest growing adopters of marketing automation are small and medium size enterprises, across all sectors.

Within B2B organisations, marketing automation can dramatically improve your lead nurturing, scoring of leads and managing the lifecycle of your leads. For B2C organisations you can realise the impact through improved cross-sell, up-sell and retention. For all types of organisations, marketing automation also provides excellent insights into your marketing return on investment.

If you are convinced, like us, that marketing automation can bring you many benefits then the next step would be to find the right solution.  Unified Solutions can offer marketing automation as part of an “all in one” delivery so contact us today to find out more.