Digital Marketing Technology.


We work with a select group of technology partners enabling us to deliver the perfect solution for you.  We spend a long time evaluating potential partners before we decide to engage with them and continually review whether they still offer the best option.  Each partner offering is different and together we’ll find out the best ‘fit’ for your business requirements and what you want to deliver to your customers. 

Content Management Systems.

As the foundation for your website, choosing the right CMS solution is vital, however, easier said than done. It’s easy to get bogged down with all the technical jargon when all you really want to know is whether it will deliver everything your business and customers need.  That’s where we can help.

We’re partners with some of the best CMS providers in the world such as Sitecore, Kentico, Umbraco and Backbase and together we’ll select the best option available.  Not only that, we’re experts at content migration and will work with you to validate your existing content before implementing migration onto your new site.

System Integration.

A website should never be a standalone, isolated channel for online marketing. Even a simple online brochure to promote products and services will, ideally, connect with your customer relationship management system (CRM).

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in the creative, the visuals and the agency patter that comes with this approach. Whilst we have a proven and very effective way of designing and building intuitive and visually compelling websites, we never forget the main rationale for investing in an online presence. To gain significant return on investment is to ensure that the website fully integrates with back office systems.

This isn't easy and we don't try and pretend it is. But because we know our partners technology so well, we’re able to create connections that allow all of your systems and digital channels to talk to one another with updates being centrally managed.

Digital marketing services.

Before creating a digital strategy, we’ll undertake a digital audit to identify where you are now in terms of your digital capabilities and where you would like to be in the future.  We’ll start by asking you to take our ‘digital health check’ assessment.

From there we work with you to understand your business and marketing objectives before analysing how digital can help achieve them.  We’ll then create a roadmap optimising your digital initiatives so you can confidently engage and nurture your online audiences and we’ll help you to measure impact to make sure you’re achieving your goals.

We’ll work with you and our partners to;

  • Understand your business and marketing objectives
  • Research and analyse your target audience
  • Review your digital capabilities
  • Develop a tailored digital strategy
  • Deliver a digital marketing suite that puts your website at the heart of your digital activities
  • Deliver a completely connected customer experience with omni-channel approach
  • Maximise content marketing and personalisation opportunities
  • Continually support your digital journey

Email campaign management.

Email marketing is still a powerful way of communication but in todays world we expect our emails to be personalised, relevant, interesting and sent at the time when we are most receptive to reading them. Not an easy task.

Working with our CMS partners, we deliver technology that analyses your customers' behaviour and allows you to track and segment your customer database.  Combining this insight with your email campaign delivers highly tailored, relevant content at just the right time. Not only that, with our CMS platforms, we can integrate your email, web, social media, mobile and other channels so you deliver consistent and connected messages, personalised to your customer.


SEO Integration.

Whilst a plethora of companies are available to help you with search engine optimisation, we’re  uniquely placed to advise on how to optimise websites - a combination of expertise and experience with how the most popular search engines work combined with a deep technical understanding of how to apply changes which will be most effective.

Our SEO consultants use a combination of automated tools and manual effort to produce a comprehensive, regular report on how your website(s) are faring in the fiercely competitive world of search engine optimisation.

Social Media.

As part of your digital strategy, we’ll work with you to maximise your social media ensuring integration with your website, email, mobile and other digital channels. With our expertise and extensive knowledge of our partner platforms, we’ll provide you with a digital link between your website and your customers' online social lives ensuring you connect on a more personal level.

We’ll bring your social media strategy to life and boost engagement, extend reach, provide insights and capture additional data that will help you form customer social profiles used to shape future marketing automation and segmentation analysis.

Location Based Services.

Let’s be clear from the start here – we aren’t talking about Location Based Marketing or Location Based Apps such as Foursquare and EchoerApp, we’re offering additional functionality which allows your customer to easily find out more about your products and/or services using a map.

Since this way of working has become so ingrained and intuitive for mobile as well as desk-bound customers, we thought it was a natural extension of some of our early work on “Find your nearest”, created for customers such as Arthritis Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and The Children’s Society.

We’ve now taken this to another level, for example on the Ramblers website there’s an extensive Location Based Service for members and non-members to locate the nearest walking Group that they can join, either based on their home location or perhaps on their holiday destination. Overlay maps are available using Bing, Bing Aerial, Bing Hybrid, Open Streetmap, Ordnance Survey to suit the visitor’s preferences.

By linking this into mobile applications, we can also offer a great opportunity to proactively target potential and existing customers of your organisation by using the location to serve up personalised content.