Customer first approach.


At Unified Solutions our focus is firmly on the needs of your customers so we make it our mission to really understand who your customers are and their current online experience with you.  Through our InSite methodology (which we consider it to be the closest thing to a guarantee of success of our clients projects) we go through each step of the digital development process - research, prototyping, implementation and support to deliver a truly outstanding digital solution.

Why not take our ‘digital health check’ to see how effective you are in communicating and interacting with your customers online and then contact us to see how we can take you to the next level. 


R – Research.

Through a series of workshops, we’ll define your target audience, who they are, their motivations and behaviour, their online goals, demographics and much more.  We bring them to life through our customer profiling process, creating personas that are used to validate user journeys and functional requirements. We take a detailed look at your current site map and content and create specific content types to help design the new information architecture. We then sort the content types into groups using a method known as card sorting; these groups are validated against the personas in sufficient detail to enable us to create a new site map.

P - Prototyping.

Based on research findings and working within your brand guidelines we create a prototype of what your website could look like and how it will integrate across all of your digital channels.  All the time, your customers are at the forefront of our minds as we continually validate website designs against personas.  We also explore how your website will capture customer data and be managed by yourselves ensuring you use your Customer Experience Platform* to its full potential.

*A Customer Experience Platform incorporates your CMS and CRM along with all the essential marketing elements required to make your customers' online experience that bit better.

I- Implementation.

After agreeing our implementation approach with you we set about developing the full solution, with all the functionality, creativity and user-centric focus we've built up over the Research and Prototyping phases, with of course rigorous testing to make sure it all works perfectly.  At regular intervals we take you through each release, allowing you to undertake multiple user testing ensuring you remain agile to your customers' needs while keeping their journey simple, engaging and easy to use.


Once all the testing has been carried out and your new website has gone ‘live’ we’ll continually support you to make sure you’re able to perform all the tasks you need to.  Not only that, we’ll constantly review your website identifying improvements to your customers' journey, evolving a website that grows with your business requirements.  We will also support you in maximising your digital capabilities and align it with your digital roadmap.