Maximise omni-channel marketing for customer driven interaction with Kentico


There's no doubt the impact digital has had on businesses over the past few years. While the transition from traditional customer interaction to digital for certain sectors has been relatively straightforward, the financial sector has seen huge challenges.  Building online trust and advocacy with customers coupled with the immense amount of digital regulation compliance and ever changing online customer behaviour are just some of the barriers faced.

So how do you overcome these challenges in order to offer a truly customer centric online experience that offers consistency and continuity for customers as they switch from one digital channel to another?

The Kentico Solution

Kentico's all in one Content Management System (CMS), e-commerce and online marketing provides a powerful business platform designed to deliver an effective omni-channel customer experience.  And with the addition of Kentico's online marketing suite, known as 'Enterprise Marketing Solutions' (EMS), you'll be able to fully optimise customer experiences across multiple channels with integrated tools to track and manage customer interactions across channels including website, online store, email, mobile app and social media.

Integrating online marketing in this way means your customers enjoy consistency as you tailor content to their needs while allowing you to monitor and track their behaviour to gain a complete view of their activity and levels of engagement.

Key features

  • Marketing automation

  • E-mail marketing

  • Web analytics

  • Lead scoring

  • Segmentation

  • A/B and MVT testing

  • Content personalisation

  • Integration with 3rd party CRM or ERP systems

  • Real time marketing

  • Drip marketing

As a Gold Partner of Kentico we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of this feature rich platform and have successfully developed a range of Kentico websites for clients that fully maximise it's 'out of the box' functionality while delivering complete integration with other business systems.

If you're interesting in finding our more about how we can help you deliver a seamless online customer experience by fully maximising Kentico's powerful solution,  please complete the form below and we'll call you back within 24 hours.