Careers with Us.


So why choose Us?

We thought we'd ask around the office to find out why everyone loves working at Unified Solutions and here's the result:

  • We have a great working environment and company culture where office politics don't exist, but pulling together and striving to achieve a fantastic solution for our clients certainly does
  • There's a great variety of work on offer for every member of the team
  • Everyone's left to get on with it. No, we don't mean dropped in it, we mean autonomy, the lack of micro-management, the sense of empowerment
  • There's a real team spirit here, a sharing of knowledge and experience. If you are of the old school where 'knowledge is power, hence I won't share it' then you really won't fit in with Us.
  • At our regular get-togethers, whether these be formal team meetings or informal journeys to the local pub, we like to recognise everyone's individual contribution to our joint success

About Us.

Unified Solutions was established in 1995 with a range of key objectives including the wish to create a great working environment where, as part of helping our clients realise their potential, we enable our team members to reach their full potential too.

We specifically avoid the 'body shop' mentality that was, unfortunately, the experience we'd had working within large organisations.

If you're interested...

Then we'd be keen to hear from you. For developers, you must have experience in developing .NET applications and have oodles of HTML, JavaScript and CSS experience. For business analysts, you don't need to have specific experience in our field but you must be passionate about helping develop our clients digital potential and capturing their inner thoughts and needs and expressing them clearly and articulately.

We're currently looking for a talented Web Project Developer and a Computer Science Graduate to support our Professional Services team.  For full job descriptions, click here.   

Hello Agencies.

We really appreciate the benefits that working with recruitment agencies brings to our search for talented individuals to join Us. That's why we've got a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) and so, speculative calls and emails from those not on the list won't be responded to, sorry! If you'd like to be considered the next time we review our PSL, then shoot an email to Marie.